The Aspect Effect: using the sun’s energy intelligently

“In the southern hemisphere, houses should be oriented to the north” I first learnt this concept way back in high school geography classes, but never thought that I would ever get to apply it to the construction of my own house. And obviously, with so much more understanding of why this is so important. So… Continue reading The Aspect Effect: using the sun’s energy intelligently

Sealing the house (part 3): The long awaited Blower Door Test

As mentioned in the previous posts, airtightness is a key factor in the passivhaus standard and the Chilean CEV Standard. This refers to the uncontrolled flow of air through unwanted “openings” (gaps) in the building envelope. This leakage has an important impact on the energy performance of the house. The concept used to measure airtightness… Continue reading Sealing the house (part 3): The long awaited Blower Door Test

Energy efficient windows – a necessary investment

To the untrained eye, one might only think of windows from an aesthetic point of view, but this aspect of a house is far more important than one may realise. Windows are one of the main points of energy loss in a traditional house, and they are also a source of condensation in winter due… Continue reading Energy efficient windows – a necessary investment

Buy local, buy small – a minimum we should all practice

The last few days in Chile have been incredibly difficult for everyone and the situation continues to be extremely complicated, with no clear resolution in sight. No one wants to see public infrastructure such as the metro destroyed and supermarkets and shops looted, but we need to focus on the fundamental issues that have led… Continue reading Buy local, buy small – a minimum we should all practice