Making progress

We have been rather quiet in the blog since we celebrated the topping out ceremony, but this does not mean that we have not been making good progress. There just hasn´t been much to report apart from normal building processes. 

Nine weeks into the build and we have sealed the roof structure:

The roof is closed, now it is starting to feel like a house

The inside walls are up:

We used metalcom frames for the walls
Walls have one side of the gysum plaster panels installed, while the other side will be used for the electrical instalations and noise insulation
The patio wraps around the north and east of the house to get sun and also provide shade on hot summer afternoons

To be efficient with time while we wait to start other processes such as the electrical installation and the final roof covering/siding etc, the guys began on the terrace which will wrap around two sides of the house.

This part of the terrace will get great sunshine, while the side facing east (left side of the photo) will have great shade on hot summer afternoons.

Over the next few weeks things will move along rapidly with aspects that are very important from an energy perspective and we look forward to sharing these with you in the next posts, so please keep on following us…

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