Nuestra acogedora casa en el primer mes de invierno

Hoy, hace un año, salimos de Santiago y comenzamos nuestra vida en María Pinto. Durante los primeros 6 meses tuvimos la suerte de arrendar una pequeña casa en otro sector del valle a unos 10 km de nuestra propiedad. Cecilia, la propietaria, pronto se convirtió en una amiga muy cercana. Fue muy útil estar cerca… Continue reading Nuestra acogedora casa en el primer mes de invierno

Our cosy house in the first month of winter

Today, a year ago we left Santiago and started our life in Maria Pinto. For the first 6 months we were fortunate enough to rent a small house in another sector of the valley about 10km from our property. Cecilia, the owner, soon became a very close friend, and it was so helpful to be… Continue reading Our cosy house in the first month of winter

How is our house “behaving”?

Since we began to dream about and design our energy efficient home a few years ago, we started to monitor the temperatures we experienced in our apartment/house and so I have become very accustomed to having thermometers dotted around the house. This was a great way to start understanding the concept of comfort…what is the… Continue reading How is our house “behaving”?