Insulating the house (part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, insulation is a critical aspect of the design and construction of our house, and this last week has focused on preparing the slab of the house, making sure that it is “warmly wrapped up” to prevent heat loss through the floor.

One of the advisors, Architect Rodrigo Guzman, commented in the previous post that more than two thirds of heat loss is through the floor and therefore insulating this part of the house is vital. However, the current Chilean building standard requires no insulation of floors in contact with the earth.

Another key point of heat loss in a house is the perimetre of the slab, which should be considered as as thermal bridge (more on this concept in a future post). Here we added 5cm of polystyrene with a density of 20kg/m3 in order to mitigate the thermal bridge .

Guillermo and Alex sticking the insulation to the perimetre wall of the slab
Perimetre of the living room/dining room and bedrooms nicely “wrapped up”. The part of the house to the right of the photo (kitchen, bathrooms etc.) will be insulated next week after the plumbing pipes have been installed.
Then Guillermo, Alex and Wladimir laid out 15cm of insulation on the floor of the slab
15cm of polystyrene with a density of 30kg/m3 on the floor of the slab will have an enormous impact on the thermal behaviour of the house
Final step: laying the wire mesh over the insulation, ready for the underfloor heating and cement next week

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